Trudeau, Ford to speak at 11 a.m. ET as Ontario reaches $10-a-day child-care deal with federal government

Ontario has signed a $10.2 billion child-care deal with the federal government that will cut child-care fees in the province in half by the end of the year.

CBC News reported Sunday, based on government sources, that the province and federal government had reached a deal following months of negotiations.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Premier Doug Ford are scheduled to make a formal announcement at 11 a.m. in the Greater Toronto Area. You’ll be able to watch live in this story.

The Ontario deal is the last one needed to fulfil Trudeau’s pledge to bring child-care fees down to an average of $10 per day in every province and territory by the end of 2026, though the province says it will take several years for the rate to decline to that rate.

The 2021 federal budget earmarked $30 billion over five years to set up a long promised, but never delivered, national child-care program. 

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