Toronto store sells quirky, nostalgic snacks from around the world

There is a store in downtown Toronto specializing in rare and interesting snacks that are hard to find anywhere else.

Dank Mart, on Queen Street West, opened earlier this year after two successful locations that have been thriving in Vancouver.

“Dank [Mart] is like high quality, premium, the very best,” said Kevin Wong, Creative Director with Dank Mart.

“A lot of it maybe you haven’t seen before, like soda, cereals, chips or flavours that you just won’t find anywhere else.”

Dank Mart employee Maggie Boone showed CTV News Toronto around the store, and there are all kinds of interesting rare, tasty and exotic treats from around the world.

“We have chocolate bars from the U.S., our Baby Ruths, the Big Hunk is a throwback, and a lot of people love the 100 Grand,” said Boone.

The store also has many international items that are hard to find, such as cereal from Mexico, Sun Chips from South Korea, and even Kit Kat from Dubai.

There are also hard-to-find candies like Sweet Tart Ropes, Bazooka bubble gun, and Pop Rocks.

“Remember Pop Rocks? They start popping in your mouth almost right away,” said Boone.

There are energy drinks with flavours like Starburst, Skittles and Sour Patch Kids. For those looking to try something different, customers can try a bag of pumpkin spice-flavoured Goldfish.

Many customers are those curious to try something new, the nostalgic trying to find something old, and international students or visitors looking for a taste of something from home.

If you can’t make it to its store in person, Dank Mart has many products online with worldwide shipping.

So, if you get a craving for a Charleston Chew, a Pepsi Max Cherry, or Chili and Lime Pringles you can order them online.

Dank Mart hopes to expand and bring in more products that may be childhood favourites or tasty snacks from around the world.

The store also sells mystery gift boxes where you don’t know what kind of snacks and treats are inside. 

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