Toronto sees 1,131 new COVID-19 cases, 12 deaths

Toronto saw 1,131 new COVID-19 cases Thursday, down from 1,300 the day before.

The province also reported that 12 more Toronto residents died, bringing the total to 2,946. 

The city has now administered close to 977,900 vaccine doses and plans to inoculate a further 8,000 residents at its clinics. Mobile and pop-up clinics across Toronto will also be vaccinating people. 

Toronto pharmacist Kyro Maseh told CBC News that demand is “through the roof” for the AstraZeneca vaccine since the province lowered the minimum age limit to 40 from 55. 

However, experts have warned vaccinations alone won’t get the city out of the third wave of the pandemic.

On Thursday, the province reported more than 800 patients are now in intensive care, and Toronto set a record for ICU patients yesterday with 194. A growing number of people who get seriously sick in the city are also being transported to hospitals in less hard-hit areas.

“The amount of deaths we could possibly see … if we have hundreds of patients. I don’t know. It honestly keeps me awake at night,” ICU nurse Nikki Skillen told White Coat Black Art‘s Dr. Brian Goldman. “This is very, very scary and we’ve got to get a handle on it.”

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