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Toronto police say suspect recently identified in 41-year-old cold case died just months ago

Toronto Police say they have identified a suspect who has since died in connection with a cold case that’s over four decades old.

The case dates back to 1982. Friends who had dinner plans with 47-year-old Kevin McBride asked police to go and check on him after they were unable to reach him.

McBride was discovered dead inside his Malvern apartment on Sheppard Avenue, having sustained multiple stab wounds.

The case went unsolved for decades. Police said McBride lived alone and was not associated with any criminal activity.

He was last seen on May 15, two days before his body was found.

Investigators at the time discovered that his car, credit card, and other personal effects had been stolen and used between May 15 and May 17, placing the date of the murder as May 15.

In 2016, Toronto Police cold case investigators took another look at the case, with a focus on retesting exhibits from the original investigation to see if advancements in forensic testing and new DNA databanks could provide any further leads.

Kevin Lionel McBride is seen in this undated image. (Toronto Police Service)

Testing revealed evidence from the crime scene of a male profile other than that of McBride. Using genetic genealogy along with a private science lab, investigators identified William Taylor as a suspect.

“DNA testing revealed that Mr. Taylor, who was 34 at the time of the homicide, was the source of the unknown DNA left at the crime scene,” police said in a release. “If William Taylor was alive today, he would be arrested and charged with First Degree Murder in the death of Kevin McBride.”

Police said Monday that Taylor died just a few months ago in May.

Investigators are still asking anyone with any further information about the case to reach out to police.

TPS thanked Edmonton police, Calgary police, the New York State, troopers, and Othram Inc. for their help in the investigation.

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