Toronto police issue warning after finding cannabis products resembling candy

Toronto police have issued a warning after finding an unspecified quantity of cannabis products packaged to resemble mainstream candy products at an unlicensed dispensary.

Officers executed the search warrant on Tuesday in the area of Wilson Avenue and Bathurst Street.

According to police, the products appear to replicate candy products that are “made for and marketed to the public.”

Photographs of the products appear to show a variety of cookies and gummy candies, including “Stoner Patch”—a play on “Sour Patch Kids”—and “Double Stuff Stoned”—which closely resembles an Oreo.

“Police are warning parents to ensure children do not have access to these potentially harmful products and if appropriate, warn their children these products are not candy,” police said in a news release issued Thursday.

It is not yet clear if the owner of the dispensary is facing any legal repercussions.

Anyone with information is being asked to contact police or reach out to Crime Stoppers anonymously.

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