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Peel police bust ‘high-end’ vehicle-dismantling operation in Mississauga

A number of “high-end” stolen vehicles were found in Mississauga earlier this month and police say four suspects were in the process of breaking the cars down and selling the parts before their arrest.

The bust comes after a newer model Mercedes-Benz was stolen from a plaza in Brampton on April 9 and then tracked by investigators to a body shop on Netherhart Road.

When officers arrived at the Mississauga shop, police said, they found a number of vehicles that had their Vehicle Identification Numbers (VIN) defaced. Large car parts, like engines, were also located at the facility.

Police believe four suspects were in the process of stripping the vehicles for parts and then selling those items on the so-called grey market, where authorized products are sold by unauthorized sellers. The rest of the vehicle would then be sent to a scrap metal yard.

Following the execution of a search warrant the next day, police said they discovered more parts and equipment used to dismantle vehicles. Eight stolen vehicles were identified, which represent a total value of $225,000. Images released by police show a Jaguar and Range Rover SUV in the process of being dismantled.

Four men from Mississauga, Brampton, Milton and Etobicoke were arrested and charged in connection with the bust. They each face 18 charges, including theft of a motor vehicle, three counts of tamper, alter, or deface a vehicle identification number, and four counts of mischief over $5,000. 

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