Ontario’s summer forecast released by national agency. Here’s what you can expect

As Toronto shatters a 78-year-old temperature record, a prominent national forecaster is predicting this hot and humid weather will be a theme across most of the province this summer.

Chris Scott, chief meteorologist at the Weather Network, says he is expecting widespread warm weather this summer for most of Canada with near-normal or above-normal temperatures.

However, Scott said the country is not expected to see the extreme levels of heat that it did a year ago. Instead, he anticipates the combination of heat and humidity paired with an active jet stream pattern will result in stormy periods across the country.

In southern and eastern Ontario, multiple heat waves are on the horizon, excluding the northwestern region of the province. That heat will be felt in Toronto, London and Ottawa.

At times, Scott said cooler periods will lower the temperature and offer periods of relief from the heat. With a mix of heat, humidity and several cold fronts spanning the region, the Weather Network is expecting a stormy summer in Ontario.

These storms are anticipated to range when it comes to rainfall totals with many areas forecasted to experience above average precipitation. Meanwhile, Scott said some nearby places could remain entirely dry.

“Overall, though, we expect a favourable season for agriculture and numerous sunny days for enjoying outdoor activities,” he said.

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