Ontario reports 207 patients in ICU with COVID-19 — a new 6th wave high

The number of people with COVID-19 in Ontario’s intensive care units increased slightly Thursday, while the Ministry of Health said a “data catch up” resulted in 5,038 new cases being reported.

A statement from the ministry provided no details on the percentage of those new cases that were a direct result of the data cleaning, or a timeframe of when they may have been confirmed.

CBC News has reached out for more information.

As of yesterday, the seven-day average of daily cases in Ontario stood at 2,869, though that figure very likely does not present an accurate snapshot of cases since laboratory testing remains significantly restricted in the province.

Meanwhile, the ministry reported there are now 1,626 people with COVID-19 in hospitals and 207 in intensive care, a new high for the ongoing sixth wave of the pandemic. 

Roughly 45 per cent of those patients in hospital and 61 per cent of those in ICU were admitted directly due to symptoms of COVID-19.

The ministry also reported the deaths of 17 more people with the illness. The province’s death toll stands at 12,678. 

Public health units administered another 39,507 doses of COVID-19 vaccines on Wednesday, the majority of which were second booster shots for eligible Ontarians aged 60 and older. More than 87 per cent of Ontarians aged 12 and up have had at least two doses of vaccines. 

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