Ontario family fighting government seizure of more than 200 sled dogs

An Ontario family is fighting the province’s seizure of more than 200 of its sled dogs.

Three of those dogs — owned by the family running dogsledding operation Windrift Adventures — have since died in government care.

The province’s Animal Welfare Services seized 239 dogs from two properties north of Barrie in late September.

They say Windrift Adventures did not comply with orders to provide longer tethers and better insulation for their doghouses.

Windrift is appealing the removal of the dogs and the case is set to be heard by the Animal Care Review Board beginning Monday.

The board has heard two dogs died of a bacterial infection while Windrift says the province told them a third died of liver cancer.

Windrift alleges the dogs’ seizure wasn’t lawful and that they are better off in Windrift’s care rather than the government’s.

The province argues that it seized the dogs legally and cannot return them to a situation that was previously found to be putting the animals in distress.

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