How Toronto police will enforce Ontario’s stay-at-home orders, amid third COVID-19 wave

The Toronto police chief is urging the public to abide by provincial stay-at-home orders.

The order, which came into force on Wednesday, is in place for the next four weeks, as Ontario attempts to curb rising case counts.  On Friday, Ontario reported another 4,227 cases of COVID-19, the second-most on a single day at any point during the pandemic.

“I urge all Torontonians to please comply,” said Chief James Ramer in a Saturday news release. “Do not go out unless it’s for essential reasons only.”

Toronto police are not allowed to stop cars or enter homes simply to check if a person is complying with the order, nor can they compel a person who is outside to explain the reason they left their home.

However, if officers have “probable grounds to suspect someone has violated” a public health order, they are allowed to ask for identification and a person who refuses can be arrested or charged with obstructing a police officer.

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