Here are the TTC bus stops being taken out of service due to the winter storm

The Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) is taking 41 bus stops out of service again starting on Friday due to a major winter storm that is making its way to the region.

The transit agency said the stops are located in hilly areas and would make it a challenge for buses to navigate in snow and ice. The TTC made a similar move last week during another storm.

“Based on the latest forecasts, this storm is likely to make surface travel challenging so the TTC is taking extra steps to ensure it delivers the best service possible,” the TTC said in a news release on Thursday.

A winter storm warning is in effect for the city and the rest of southern Ontario.

The following stops will be out of service as of 5 a.m. on Dec. 23.

The TTC said it plans to add extra staff and vehicles to ensure that service will not be interrupted during the storm.

“As always, the TTC is committed to safe and reliable service in the most extreme weather, but operations can be impacted by road conditions,” the agency said.

Line 3 Scarborough RT is planned to be in service Friday morning with parallel bus service running, the agency said. However, it warned that the line could be closed and fully replaced with buses if the weather becomes a snow event.

As for streetcars, the vehicles and the overhead network have been treated with an anti-icing application, the TTC said. If any issues arise, routes will be serviced with replacement buses.

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