‘Heart-stopping’ video captures GO train nearly hitting 3 young people in Toronto

Metrolinx has released a video of three young people narrowly avoiding being hit by a GO train to reinforce the dangers of walking on railway tracks.

The surveillance video, shot from the front of a GO train, shows one person standing on adjacent tracks while two others run in front of the train.

One of the runners crosses directly in front of the train before throwing themselves against a railing, narrowly dodging being hit.

The other runner veers off on to the adjacent tracks as the train passes by.

“This heart-stopping video shows the dangers of walking on railways,” Metrolinx said in a tweet Monday.

The Crown agency says the video — which was taken on May 20 — is of the Humber River rail bridge near Dundas Street W.

WATCH | Video captures moment 3 young people nearly hit by Toronto train:

Video captures GO train nearly hitting 3 young people

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A video released by Metrolinx on Monday shows three young people on railway tracks narrowly avoiding being hit by a GO train.

No one was injured in the incident, but Metrolinx notes that 100 Canadians are seriously injured or killed every year as the result of railway crossing or trespassing incidents.

Metrolinx says it is issuing an appeal to the parents.

“If you recognize these young people, please get in touch with us,” said Steve Weir, manager of transit safety with Metrolinx.

“We aren’t looking to be punitive, but we are very eager to speak with your children to help educate them and ensure they never ever take this kind of risk again.”

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