Former Liberal candidate ousted from party due to dropped sex assault charge wins in Toronto

TORONTO — A former Toronto Liberal candidate who was ousted from the party just days before the election after a dropped sexual assault charge was brought to light is projected to have won his riding.

CTV News has projected Kevin Vuong as the winner for Spadina-Fort York late Monday night.

The riding was too close to call last night after long lineups kept many voting locations open past 9:30 p.m., when polls officially closed in Ontario.

Vuong was asked by the Liberal Party to pause his campaign on Friday after the Toronto Star reported he had been charged with sexual assault in 2019. The charge was later withdrawn.

Vuong has not responded to repeated requests for comment by CTV News Toronto, but told the Toronto Star that he denies the allegations.

The following day, the Liberal party released a statement saying that Vuong would not be running under their banner and if he is elected, he will not be a member of caucus. It is likely he will sit as an Independent instead, although that has yet to be determined.

By the time this was decided, it was too late to change his association on the ballots in Spadina-Fort York.

Monday night, prior to the polls closing, Vuong’s Twitter page still indicated that he was a Liberal candidate.

The Liberals won the riding of Spadina-Fort York by a wide margin in 2019.

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