Feds to announce Pfizer vaccine delivery boost, as Moderna delays more doses

OTTAWA — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is expected to announce Friday that Canada will be receiving more Pfizer vaccine doses, earlier than expected, CTV News has learned. This comes as the federal government has announced that the next planned Moderna shipment is going to be less than promised.

In a statement, Procurement Minister Anita Annand’s office says that late Thursday Moderna informed Canada that the next expected vaccine shipment scheduled for the end of April will be 650,000 doses instead of the approximately 1.2 million expected.

Further, Moderna is now saying that up to two million of the total 12.3 million doses promised to come to Canada this quarter “may” be delayed until the third quarter due to a “slower than anticipated ramp up of their production capacity” that is affecting a number of countries.

“We are disappointed, and while we understand the challenges facing suppliers in the current global market for vaccines, our government will continue to press Moderna to fulfill its commitments,” Anand said in the statement.

“We share the urgency of getting vaccines to Canadians as rapidly as possible. That is our work, each and every day, for all approved vaccines. The Prime Minister and I will have more to say on the matter later this morning,” said Anand.

This is a breaking news story, more coming.

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