Dog at centre of Ontario pit bull controversy allegedly attacked teen four days after being released

Warning: The images in this story may be distressing to some readers.

A family dog that made headlines for being held by animal services under suspicion it was part pit bull has allegedly mauled a 13-year-old boy four days after it was released.

Muhammad Almutaz Alzghool, 13, said he was taken to hospital with cuts to his face and required more than 20 stitches after he was allegedly attacked by the dog following taekwondo practice in Toronto last Friday.

The dog that allegedly attacked Muhammad had been seized by Vaughan Animal Services (VAS) in October after it ran away from its family home.

The dog’s owner, Tommy Chang, said last month he was expecting to get the puppy back, but was surprised when VAS told him it would be held until they determined whether the dog was part pit bull.

The dog was returned to its family more than two weeks later, after VAS said it was determined it could be lawfully released. 


Four days later, Muhammad said he was at Black Belt World, a Toronto taekwondo studio that is owned by Chang.

Muhammad said that Dwaeji was at the studio Friday during his training, but was on a leash.

Muhammad — who has always had a fear of dogs — said when taekwondo class ended, his instructor told him to that he needed to get over his fear of dogs and brought Dwaeji closer to him. 

“That’s when he jumped on my face and bit it,” Muhammad told CTV News Toronto. 

Muhammad was taken to Sick Kid’s Hospital by ambulance, where he received more than 20 stitches. 

Dog bite

His father, Muath Alzghool, said his son will likely have to undergo plastic surgery and has been warned by doctors that some of the scarring will be permanent. 

A lawyer representing Chang said he is unable to comment on the matter because it is under police investigation. 

“However, I can advise that we are aware of an incident that occurred on Friday evening at his class involving a student,” a statement from Chang’s lawyer said.  “Having said that, it is being investigated by Toronto Police; an investigation with which my client is fully co-operating and as such, it would not be proper to go into any further details until such time as TPS have completed their investigation.”

Toronto police confirmed to CTV News Toronto they are investigating an animal bite that occurred on Nov. 5.


Vaughan Animal Services also said they received a report about the incident.

The dog has not been seized by authorities.

“He’s so emotional about this,” Alzghool said. “Every time he sees the mirror he just starts crying. These scars are forever.”

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