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Alleged car thieves seen entering homes in search of key fobs in new video

Police have released new video footage that shows a group of suspects gaining access to several York Region homes in an apparent attempt to find key fobs for vehicles parked outside.

Police say that they believe the suspects are “specifically targeting homes in order to steal vehicles.”

Two of the suspects were already arrested in June and charged with a number of offences.

But a third suspect remains outstanding.

The footage released by police on Thursday shows two incidents which took place in August. In one of the incidents, the suspects appear to notice the side mirror of an SUV that is extended, indicating that it was unlocked.

They stop their vehicle at the end of the driveway and one of them goes into the vehicle and retrieves a garage door opener.

Three suspects appear to enter the home but they return minutes later empty handed and drive away, without taking the vehicle.

In the second incident, at least two of the suspects walk along the side of a house in order to gain access to a fenced backyard. One of them is then seen entering the house through an unlocked screen door while the other waits.

The suspect emerges moments later with a key fob that he then uses to operate a vehicle parked in the front driveway.

The amount of time that elapsed between the suspects arriving at the home and leaving in the stolen vehicle was about four minutes.

“Police are reminding citizens to ensure your vehicles are always locked and windows are up, even if you leave your vehicle for a short time,” police said in a news release. “Lock all doors to your home, including your inner garage door. Stop by one of our York Regional Police district stations to pick up a free Faraday bag to store your key fob in. The bags are an effective tool used to block signal-duplicating devices that can alter or replicate key fobs.”

The third suspect that remains outstanding is described as a Black male, who is about five-foot-eleven to six-feet-tall, weighing approximately 150 lbs. and in his mid 20s. He was last seen wearing all black clothing with his pant legs tucked into his socks.

Police say that there investigation remains ongoing.

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