‘It’s a trash pit’: Saskatoon homeowner urges city to better respond to neighbour’s yard

A Saskatoon homeowner is calling on the city to better respond to her neighbour’s unkempt property.

Garbage, piles of dirty laundry and broken furniture cover the backyard of the Riversdale home.

“It’s a trash pit. That’s the best way I can describe it,” said Illandria Borel, who has lived next door for nearly 15 years.

Borel said she’s had cockroaches and mice migrate into her Avenue G South house from her neighbour’s property.

She said she’s unable to use her backyard because of the strong stench coming from next door.

Dirty adult diapers, a broken toilet seat, used needles and a carton of eggs that exploded from being in the heat are among the grossest things Borel says she has seen beside her house.

“As a homeowner you want to have a decent property, you want to make it look nice and be proud of what you worked so hard to earn and own – but I can’t,” she said.

Who lives here?

Borel said there are constantly different people living in the home.

CTV News spoke to the landlord of the problem house. She said a mother and son are her tenants, and said someone else has dumped the garbage in the yard. The landlord said she is working on cleaning up the property.

According to the Saskatchewan Landlord Association, landlords are responsible for property complaints – such as Borel’s. If the landlord doesn’t adequately respond to the issue, it’s the city’s responsibility to ensure properties are being maintained.

“The address was reported in April. A mess was cleaned up,” a city spokesperson confirmed to CTV News.

“There have been four complaints since for this same address and it’s in the investigative queue for another visit.”

Borel said this issue shouldn’t be on a waitlist, and should be responded to quickly to ensure the safety of the neighbourhood.

Tougher rules for landlords could come to Saskatoon

Borel’s concerns echo many homeowners in the Pleasant Hill neighbourhood.

It has prompted city councilors to ask administration to explore a licensing program for rental properties and a landlord registry – to make landlords more accountable for their properties.

A report looking into a landlord licensing program is expected to be released at the end of the year.