Hobbits move into Saskatoon neighbourhood to the delight of visitors

Two hobbits have moved into a City Park front yard in Saskatoon to the delight of the neighbourhood.

Hundreds if not thousands of people have stopped by to catch a glimpse, but no one has seen them … yet.

If you’ve read or watched any of the Lord of the Rings series, then you’re well acquainted with hobbits.

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They’re shy, about half the size of people, but with twice the appetite.

The two who moved in, Raven and Lily Took, are relatives of the famous Pippin Took, according to the next-door neighbours who helped them build their home.

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“You’ll knock and you might hear them scurry around the house a bit, but otherwise they keep to themselves,” neighbour, Nathan Harder, said.

The Harder family lives across from the City Park School on Ninth Avenue North. They encourage visitors to stop by and check out the humble abode.

Scott, Ann Marie, and Nathan Harder worked for weeks to build the hobbit home in their front yard.

It’s equipped with a bridge, solar water fountain, garden and mailbox.

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“Hobbits love their mail. They love writing people back,” Nathan added. “If anyone chooses to write them a letter and leave it in the mailbox then they’ll certainly get a response.”

“A lot of kids forgot a return address so the hobbits couldn’t write them back. We actually have lots of letters we’re hoping kids come back to retrieve,” Scott Harder said.

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