School in Regina Cathedral neighbourhood will soon close

The community of Regina’s Cathedral neighbourhood is losing one of its historic buildings. The Holy Rosary school has served the neighbourhood for over a century but will soon come to an end for safety reasons.

Data shared from an engineering report showed that the school is beyond repair.

“When they said the structure was compromised, that concerned us a lot. It’s scary to think about that,” said Twylla West, Regina Catholic Schools communications and media co-ordinator.

When workers were placing a new sign on the exterior of the building, one of the stone masons was able to pull a brick from the wall with no effort. This caused concern over the building’s structural integrity.

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Engineering reports found the building’s foundation was unstable and it had reached its end of life. News of the closure is sending emotional responses through the Cathedral Area Community Association.

“It even impacts neighbourhood businesses having less kids around at the break getting candy and snacks and lunches and just less life in the neighbourhood,” said Trish Elliot, Cathedral Area Community Association board member.

The community association is hoping a public consultation meeting will take place in the future to decide on what to do with the space. A meeting at the school will hear from parents on what’s best for their kids moving forward.

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