‘Have your winter gear ready’: Snowstorm coming to Saskatchewan

If you just packed your winter gear into the back of your closet for the spring, start digging it back out again. A major snow system is expected to hit the province this week, bringing high winds, rain and heaps of snow.

Environment Canada has released a special weather statement for most of the southern half of the province, saying a mix of rain and heavy snow will be arriving, but forecasting this storm has been challenging.

Click to play video: 'Winter again: April 17 Saskatchewan weather outlook'

Winter again: April 17 Saskatchewan weather outlook

“Because it has been quite warm and the source of the moisture that is coming in is warmer, the snow is expected to be quite wet,” said Terri Lang with Environment Canada. “It is going to be hard to figure out what the accumulations will be just because some of it will melt and some of it will be mixed with rain.”

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Global News meteorologist Peter Quinlan said Regina will see rain to start the day Tuesday, which will very quickly turn to snow before it moves on to Saskatoon around midday.

Heavy, wet snow is expected for the full day on Wednesday and won’t back off until Thursday morning, potentially dropping up to 20 centimetres of snow.

Surrounding areas to the south and west towards Estevan and Moosomin might see snowfalls in the 30-to-40-centimetre range.

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Winds in the south will range from 35 to 80 kilometres an hour at the peak near the U.S. border.

Rains are predicted to follow for the remainder of the week, bringing icy travel conditions as temperatures hover around 0 C.


While Saskatoon isn’t expected to see conditions as extreme as southern parts of the province, snow is still going to blanket the area.

The rain and snow mix will begin Tuesday afternoon and transition to complete snow overnight.

The city is expected to see the heaviest snowfall on Wednesday morning, potentially exceeding 10 centimetres in some areas. The winds will be high and travel conditions are expected to be poor.

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Total amounts of snowfall will likely range from 10 to 20 centimetres by the time the system departs at the end of the week.

“Winds are going to be pretty strong with dangers to visibility and treacherous driving conditions in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan and surrounding areas,” said Frankie MacDonald, who posts videos of weather forecasts online.

Quinlan agrees, saying the snow won’t start melting until after the weekend.

“Have your winter gear ready. Make sure you have your smartphone and tablets and devices charged,” MacDonald advised.

Provincial highway conditions

“Complicating things will be the winds,” Lang said. “Especially on Wednesday, even down in the southeast corner, maybe up to 80 kilometres an hour and when you are blowing around some wet, heavy snow, with 80 kilometre per hour winds, it’s really going to make a mess of the highways and driving conditions across the province.

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“It will be near blizzard conditions, especially in the southeast, and that is really going to ice the roads up and make travel really challenging on Wednesday.”

The temperatures will be dropping right below the freezing mark, icing over the pavement.

Christine Niemczyk, director of communications with CAA Saskatchewan, said unfortunately, a lot of drivers in the province have taken the winter tires off their cars.

“There are no tricks,” said Niemczyk. “It’s all about safety. Drive with caution. Pay attention to the current road conditions.

“You’ve got ice, you’ve got snow, you’ve got slush, that needs to adjust your driving behaviour…. Even if the speed limit says 50 or 60, it depends on the road and the weather conditions.”

She said to be courteous to other drivers on the roads and crossing pedestrians.

Travellers should check the forecast and Highway Hotline before deciding if travel is necessary.

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