Canadians driving less as gas prices remain high, study shows

With gas prices on the rise, a study shows around half of Canadians are going to start driving less to save money.

The study polled 1,500 participants, of which 54 per cent said they were choosing to drive less to offset the costs at the pump.

One out of five also said they would consider driving an electric vehicle.

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However, president of Canadians for Afforable Energy, Dan McTeague, says the switch may not be the best solution.

“Electric vehicles may be nice but they’re highly costly (and) not efficient. They more often than not are uneconomical for most people (even) with the big fat taxpayer subsidies,” McTeague told Global News.

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The study also showed Alberta and Saskatchewan residents polled the lowest for driving less.

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“I do think car culture is very big in Alberta and Saskatchewan — you’re very used to getting places in a car and you don’t have a lot of alternatives, so it’s not surprising,” said Managing Editor John Shmuel.

Meanwhile, 70 per cent of Atlantic Canadians say they aren’t heading to the pumps as often.

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Gas prices are not projected to drop in the near future, and with an additional carbon tax coming onto gas bills as of Apr. 1, day-to-day life continues to get pricier for Canadians.

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