Vehicle strikes cement jersey barrier on closed section of Wellington Street

Ottawa police say a driver is expected to face several charges after a vehicle drove through the closed section of Wellington Street in front of Parliament Hill and struck the cement barriers.

Police say a suspected impaired driver turned onto the closed portion of Wellington Street at approximately 2:20 a.m. Friday.

“The vehicle moved quickly eastbound, striking a cement jersey barrier causing significant damage,” police said on Twitter.

The driver attempted to flee, according to police, and was arrested by the Parliamentary Protective Service.

Police say, “numerous Criminal Code offences are expected to be laid.”

Wellington Street has been closed to vehicle traffic between Elgin Street and Bank Street since the Freedom Convoy last February.

On Tuesday, police stopped a driver in the area that is closed to vehicles.

“After stopping the vehicle, police discovered the driver had court-ordered conditions not to attend the area in relation to February’s illegal protest. The driver was held for show cause,” police said on Twitter.

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