Thanksgiving grocery challenge: Who can get the best deals?

Many Canadians thinking about how their Thanksgiving dinners will look different this year because of rising food prices.

Prices for some Thanksgiving dinner staples are up more than 20 per cent compared to this time last year. Statistics Canada reported last week that inflation is up 10.8 per cent across all retail food items.

Last week, CTV News sent two reporters out with identical 12-items grocery lists to see who could find the best deals. It was a close call.

This week, Jeremie Charron and Kimberley Johnson will both shop for Thanksgiving dinner.

Jeremie will be shopping in Ottawa and Kimberley will be shopping in Kingston.

They  will not be permitted to use cars, reflecting the reality for many Canadians who rely on public transit, cycling, walking or other modes of transportation to get their groceries.

The items will be donated to local food banks.

Check back later Wednesday to see which of the two reporters is able to finish with the cheaper grocery bill.

Here’s the shopping list:

  • Box of crackers
  • Block of cheese (400 grams)
  • Turkey (at least 10 pounds)
  • Potatoes (five-pound bag)
  • Cranberries (one can)
  • Frozen vegetables (one bag)
  • Box of stuffing
  • Dinner rolls (six)
  • Can of gravy
  • Pre-packaged salad
  • Turnip (1)
  • Butter
  • Pumpkin pie

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