Temporary boil water advisory in effect for parts of Masson-Angers

The city of Gatineau has issued a preventive boil water advisory for parts of the Masson-Angers area.

The advisory is being issued due to a break of equipment that occurred during valve replacement work, the city says and is in effect until further notice.

A drop in water pressure or an interruption in the water supply is also possible, the city says.

About 500 homes will be required to boil any tap water for at least a minute before consuming it.

The residences affected are located:

  • On chemin MontrĂ©al Ouest (915 to 1069), between rue des Hauts-Bois and rue de St-Marin;
  • On rue de la Forteresse (116 to 146), from chemin MontrĂ©al Ouest to Parc Beau-Vallon;
  • The entire rue des Hauts-Bois;
  • The entire Impasse de l’Aiglon.

The city will advise residents when the boil water order is lifted.

After the preventive boil water advisory is lifted:

  • open all cold water taps and let the water run for one minute or until it is cold, and do the same for all water fountains; and
  • toss out any ice made with tap water during the advisory.

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