Sourdough on the rise in Cobden, Ont.

Sour Jo’s bakery in Cobden is selling their specialty sourdough bread as fast as they can make it.

The new bakery on Main Street has been open for three weeks.

Joanne Swartz Anderson advertises open hours until 5 p.m. most days, but tells CTV News the valley cannot get enough of her sourdough bread.

“We have not yet been able to honour our closing time. We have absolutely nothing to offer people. When we close the door, it is because there is nothing left,” she said.

The different styles of loaves are Anderson’s bread and butter, so to speak, but her sourdough creations go far beyond that.

“I have breads, I have focaccia, cookies, scones, brownies, biscotti, croutons,” says the owner. “I think the possibilities with sourdough are endless and I really look forward to trialling more recipes.”

Cobden resident Donna Keon has visited Sour Jo’s six times since they opened. Tuesday was the first time she was able to leave with bread in hand.

“Well, I come and there’s a line up, and you wait,” says Keon, “and then you get in there and there’s ten people in there, and then there’s none left.”

Anderson started making her own sourdough bread six years ago, when she discovered commercially produced yeast upset her stomach. Now, her recipe is bringing options to others who may have gluten sensitivities.

“Part of it is from previous allergy problems and it’s a real challenge to find foods without additives in it,” says Nancy Hamilton, who has bought from Sour Jo’s three times now. “And that can be a trigger for allergies.”

Anderson’s husband Kerry helps out in the bakery when he can, especially on weekends, which are the busiest. He was anxious about opening the bakery, but now knows his family made the right decision.

“The community has made it very comfortable, very reassuring that we’re doing the right thing and we’re doing it in the right place,” he said.

“She’s doing what she loves and the passion comes through in her food.”

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