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Pregnant cat found at the Ottawa Airport after 11 day search

A pregnant cat has been found at the Ottawa International Airport, nearly two weeks after it went missing in the parking garage after arriving in Ottawa from Winnipeg.

A trapper found Athena at the airport, and the cat is said to be doing okay.

Athena arrived in Ottawa on March 21 to receive better vet care and to have her kittens, thanks to Furry Tales Cat Rescue, a local rescue organization. The organization says the cat carrier popped open in the parking garage and Athena escaped.

Volunteers and experts spent the last 11 days searching the airport grounds and handing out flyers, hoping to find Athena before she gave birth. The trapper set traps, bait and food hoping to find the cat.

Trapper Janice Richard tells CTV News Ottawa’s Leah Larocque that Athena was found at the airport, and she is doing okay. Richard says Athena was starving when they found her, but still pregnant.

Athena is a brown tabby with medium to short hair and has a stubby tail. She is pregnant and went missing at the Ottawa Airport March 21, 2024. Experts believe she is likely seeking food and warmth before having her kittens. (Furry Tales Cat Rescue/supplied)

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