Ottawa residents celebrate Hanukkah outside city hall

As day turned into night on Monday, another light was added to the 12-foot menorah outside of city hall.

Members of Ottawa’s Jewish community marked the second night of Hanukkah commemorating the rededication the rededication of the second temple in Jerusalem over two thousand years ago.

“The story is that the oil that was supposed to last one night lasted eight nights so every night is very special because we are celebrating that miracle,” said Aviva Sternberg.

She joined several members of the community to mark the occasion often called the festival of lights.

The sight of the menorah illuminating from a distance, bringing a sense of pride for Sternberg.

“Everywhere you look you see lots of Christmas decorations but it’s nice to see your religion represented as well,” she said. 

This year’s ceremony honouring a special person.

“We’re dedicating the lighting to Rabbi Mordechai Berger the first ambassador of Chabad to Ottawa,” said RabbiChaim Boyarsky with the Chabad student network of Ottawa.

The flames of the menorah, representing freedom, liberty and joy.

A reminder that the Jewish federation of Ottawa says is needed now more than ever. 

“With all the hate the anti-Semitism with all the challenges that people face we all have the ability to add brightness and that’s what the festival of Hanukkah is all about,” said Andrea Freedman, the president of the Jewish federation of Ottawa.

The last day of Hanukkah is December 26. Several events are taking place during the eight-day celebration in the nation’s capital.

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