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Ottawa-Gatineau top safest cities in Canada: Report

A new report conducted by Preszler Injury Lawyers suggests that the Ottawa and Gatineau areas are among the safest cities to live in Canada.

The report is based on crime data in each city, including arson, robbery, impaired driving, and burglary. The number of offenses of each crime was calculated per 100,000 of the population using the Canada Crime Index data, reads the report.

Gatineau, Que. occupies the third place with 318.8 offenses per 100,000 population.

“Gatineau, Que, is in the top 10 Canadian cities least likely to experience robbery and breaking and entering,” reads the report.

Meanwhile, Ottawa sits on the fifth place with 333.9 offenses per 100k population.

“Ottawa, Ont., had the third lowest number of impaired driving cases in, with 69.6 crimes. Ottawa-Gatineau, ON, also experienced low levels of arson, with 9.9 instances,” reads the report.

While Toronto topped the list to be the safest with 286.9 offenses per 100k residents, Lethbridge claimed the bottom spot with 1,190 offenses per 100k of the population. According to the report, the rate of break-and-enter crimes in Lethbridge is five times more than the rate in Toronto. 

“Safety is the biggest priority when looking for a place to live, work and raise a family, that’s why this study is an eye-opening insight into where crime is most and least prevalent throughout Canada,” said a spokesperson from Preszler Injury Lawyers.

Here’s the list of the top 10 safest places: 

1. Toronto – 286.9 offenses per 100k  

2. Quebec – 301 offenses per 100k  

3. Gatineau, Que – 318.8 offenses per 100k  

4. Sherbrooke – 327.4 offenses per 100k  

5. Ottawa – 333.9 offenses per 100k  

=6. Montreal – 356.7 offenses per 100k  

=6. Barrie – 356.7 offenses per 100k  

7. Trois-Rivières – 366.2 offenses per 100k  

8. Saguenay – 396.3 offenses per 100k  

9. Hamilton – 420.6 offenses per 100k  

10. Saint John – 423.4 offenses per 100k

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