Ottawa Airport increasing parking rates on Nov. 1

It will cost you more to park long-term at the Ottawa International Airport next month.

The airport’s website shows parking rates will increase on Nov. 1 for the 24-hour period, seven-day period and 30-day period parking in the P4 lot for long-term/overheight parking.

Travellers parking for a 24-hour period will pay $19 to park, up from $17, according to the website

Parking rates for the seven-day period will increase from $78 to $87, while the 30-day period will cost $174, up from $156.

The Ottawa International Airport website shows no change in the parking rates for 30-minutes parking in the parkade (P1 – Parking Garage). The current rate is $5 for each 30 minutes, up to the daily maximum of $24.

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