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OC Transpo to provide update on O-Train return-to-service plan today

OC Transpo and Rideau Transit Group will work through the holiday weekend to reposition the restraining rails and other areas of the return-to-service plan, with O-Train service scheduled to resume on Aug. 14.

Mayor Mark Sutcliffe, Transit Services general manager Renee Amilcar and officials with Rideau Transit Group will provide an update on work to resume O-Train service at 4 p.m. will broadcast the media conference live.

On Thursday, workers with Rideau Transit Group have begun repositioning some of the restraining rails along the 12.5-kilometre LRT line, the final step required before the O-Train returns to service. The repositioning of the rails are scheduled to take 10 days

“RTG is working at the 16 locations that have been identified for adjustments,” Amilcar said in a memo to council.

“A few remaining items in the Atkins Global report are being finalized, and the risk assessment is almost complete.”

The restraining rails, which are added parts of rail lines usually at curves, are designed to prevent derailments. Workers must move the restraining rail 1 to 2 millimetres to still serve its safety function without causing degradation to the trains, officials have said.

The light-rail transit system has been shut down since July 17, after an axle-bearing issue was discovered on one train during a routine 50,000 km inspection.

The O-Train was originally scheduled to return-to-service last Monday, but Rideau Transit Group and Alstom said the Safety Note to return to service required repositioning each of the restraining rails to ensure there is no contact with the train wheels.

Amilcar says RTG continues to replace the wheel hub assemblies on light-rail vehicles, with the Safety Note requiring the replacement of the leading and trailing wheel hub assemblies and axles every 60,000 km.

“At this time, OC Transpo continues to anticipate full Line 1 service will safely resume on August 14,” Amilcar said.

“OC Transpo is closely following this progress and will continue to provide updates on the timing to gradually restart service.”

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