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‘Not the Ottawa Pancakes’: NFL player wonders if logo represents an Ottawa team

No, the city of Ottawa does not have a football team called the “Pancakes.”

The NFL schedule was released Wednesday night, with all 32 teams posting videos on social media to unveil their schedules for the 2024 season. Teams used fans, computer games and players to create videos for the schedule release.

When the Tampa Bay Buccaneers asked Rachaad White and Luke Goedeke to attempt to draw their opponents for the season, Ottawa took centre stage for the round two of the friendly competition.

When White showed off his photo, he said, “that’s crazy, I get this bad team.”

Goedeke initially guessed, “The Ottawa Pancakes.”

Goedeke also guessed the Green Bank Packers. The correct answer was the New Orleans Saints.

The Buccaneers said on social media, “Not the Ottawa Pancakes.”

The Ottawa Redblacks said,” The Ottawa whooo now.”

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