Montreal Road in Vanier reopens to two-way traffic

Montreal Road officially reopened to two-way traffic on Saturday, after years of construction on the busy road between Vanier Parkway and St. Laurent Boulevard.

“It’s a massive milestone,” Coun. Mathieu Fleury said following the ribbon-cutting ceremony.  “It’s a main street in Ottawa under construction for so long.”  

The $64 million revitalization project started in 2019 stretching 2.1 kilometres. The goal was to improve sewer infrastructure, bury hydro poles and update sidewalks, transit and bike lanes. 

“It doesn’t look the same, it’s like I’m waking up from a dream,” said Vanier resident Stephan Klovan. “Everything is fresh and new; I love it!”

The Vanier resident moved to the area just before construction began and was impressed by the added greenery, art work and amenities to the area.   

“I kind of avoided this area but now with the new sidewalks and encouraging more pedestrian and bike traffic, it’s going to work. It’s the new Vanier,” Klovan said. 

This also means those travelling by bus or car no longer have to detour.

“I own a pizza place,” said one driver waiting at a light on Montreal Road. “Much better because we save a lot of time. When I go home, I won’t have to turn around. Now I can go right away.”

“The residents and businesses have put up with a lot but its classic short-term pain for long-term gain,” Mayor Jim Watson said. 

Work is expected to continue into 2023 to complete the cycle track infrastructure work and remaining landscape.

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