Kingston, Ont. residents get COVID-19 vaccine, flu shot at drive-thru clinic

KINGSTON, ONT. — A drive-thru vaccine clinic in Kingston, Ont. offered residents the opportunity to get both the flu shot and the COVID-19 vaccine.

Hundreds of doses were administered throughout the day, at a time when health officials say both are pivotal.

Local primary care doctors and the Kingston, Frontenac, Lennox and Addington Public Health ran the clinic in the parking lot at St. Lawrence College. It offered eligible residents the chance to get a flu shot and their first, second or third dose of the COVID-19 vaccine.

Frank Cervenko is rolling up his sleeve for the third time.

“I’m over the age of 70 and my immunities probably receding at the moment,” he explains.

Thankful for the chance, he says the process through the line up was simple.

“Quite unique; very, very fast and quiet efficient I think,” says Cerevenko.

Dr. Eliane Ma says the duel operation is about providing efficiency, and getting both doses at the same time is safe.

“People can get both their COVID-19 shots if they are eligible and their flu shots, and if we can make it easier for them one stop then they’re more apt to do that,” she explains.

Ma says more than 1,200 residents signed up for the clinic with demand today largely for the flu shot.

Resident Marlene Windsor came to help her husband get the flu shot.

“It might promote people to come and do both things at the same time if it’s available like this,” she says.

Health officials expect this flu season to be a difficult one after an easier year due to the additional COVID-19 safety measures preventing spread and limiting opportunities for transmission.

Theresa Brewers says it’s another layer of protection for her and her 11-year old daughter, in what they hope will be the final stretch of the pandemic.

“I wouldn’t want to have the flu and then on top of it have something like COVID, or vice versa. There’s just too many unknowns.”

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