Kingston and Ottawa are politest Uber Eats customers; Gatineau has good tippers

Residents in Kingston and Ottawa certainly aren’t very “hangry.”

According to Uber Eats’s fourth annual “Cravings Report”, looking at ordering trends over the last year, Kingston, Ont. ranked number one for the most polite users, ranked by how often phrases like “please” and “thank you” are included in order instructions. Ottawa was number two.

It also looks like Ottawa and Kingston have become even more polite in the last year. In 2021, Uber Eats ranked Kingston as the second most-polite city and Ottawa as third. Nanaimo, B.C. was the most polite in 2021.

The capital’s love for extra pickles is still strong. Ottawa is the fourth “pickiest” city, based on how many special instructions are on orders, and those extra pickles were the main special request, the same as last year.


Quebecers are good tippers. Sherbrooke, Quebec City, and Gatineau came in second through fourth for top tippers in Canada. Victoria, B.C. was first.

People in Gatineau have been tipping even more, too. Last year, Gatineau came in sixth place.

Ottawa was in the top 10 this year as the eighth tippingest city in the country.


Kingston ranked fourth place for the most “healthy” orders, based on restaurants defined as healthy in the Uber Eats app, but it looks like users there chose to splurge on some less healthy options this year. In 2021, Kingston was second place for the most healthy orders.

This year’s “healthiest” users were in Thunder Bay, Ont.

Ottawa also made the list at number eight and Gatineau rounded out the top 10.

This year’s most expensive Uber Eats order was $1,048.01, from a customer ordering a lot of burgers in Toronto.

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