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‘It’s too far’: Residents living in Argyle Avenue YMCA being moved to transitional housing on Corkstown Road

Nearly 50 families are being moved from the YMCA on Argyle Avenue to a former retirement home on Corkstown Road, as part of the city’s overall homelessness and housing plan.

“We come here, we think we’re going to stay here, but now they are moving us far,” said one of the residents, Deka Abdi.

Abdi is a single mom of two who moved to the YMCA in December.

She spent Friday making the 15-kilometer trek to Nepean and says she is moving away from everything she knows being within walking distance.

“Here is good you know,” Abdi said. “Everything is close, we don’t have a car and now we are moving, it’s too far.”

The former retirement home on Corkstown Road opened its doors for transitional housing in February after being leased by the city. It gives families a place to live while they wait for affordable housing.

In a statement to CTV News the city says, “Families who have to work or other commitments will be supported with transportation and rapid re-housing services in order to find permanent housing closer to their work/commitments.”

The move is part of the city’s overall homelessness and housing plan. The families are leaving to free up space for single newcomers to move into the YMCA.

“This is short term; transitional is just that,” said Bay Ward Coun. Theresa Kavanagh. “It means they’re going to move on at some point, and when affordable housing is available, it’ll become a home.”

Kavanagh says the new space is larger and able to provide more amenities for families, although she says there is limited bus service.

“I recognize that there’s one bus service that is basically supporting this,” Kavanagh said. “People can take it and then they can catch the train and go on. So it shouldn’t mess up their pattern too much.”

As the unpacking beings, it’s a new start for Abdi, who hopes to one day find a permanent home.

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