Highbridge Construction owes $106,000 in rent on storefront

There is a new sign of financial issues with an Ottawa construction company that suddenly closed, leaving customers with unfinished projects unable to recoup their losses.

A notice of distress posted on the door of Highbridge Construction’s storefront on St. Joseph Boulevard says the company owes the landlord more than $106,000 in rent.

The notice is dated Feb. 7 and gives the tenant five days to reply, or else goods within the unit will be seized and sold to cover the costs

The lease has not been terminated and while the locks have been changed, the tenant is still able to use the premises with the landlord’s permission, the notice says, though it warns attempts to remove goods from the site is unlawful.

Highbridge Construction shuttered last week, telling employees in an email obtained by CTV News that it was “forced to close its door and cease business operations.” Another email to employees had asked them to hold off on cashing paycheques until Monday, offering Air Miles to those who waited.

Customers who spoke to CTV News describe being out tens, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars. In at least one customer’s case, the money was uninsured and she has no way to recover it.

Attempts to reach the owners of the company have been unsuccessful.

–With files from CTV’s Graham Richardson.

A notice of distress taped to the door of Highbridge Construction’s storefront on St. Joseph Boulevard in Ottawa. (Graham Richardson/CTV News Ottawa)

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