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Here’s what it could cost you if you skip brushing snow off your car

It’s said that the only certainties in life are death and taxes, but for police in western Quebec, “igloomobiles” are a close third.

With every major snowfall comes drivers hitting the roads without clearing their cars of snow, and MRC des Collines police warn that’s not only dangerous, it’s also costly.

“Every winter, we unfortunately notice that some people forget that their vehicle MUST be cleaned of any material that might come loose from it. Yes, just like the snow,” police said on Facebook. “Not only is this an OBLIGATION under the Highway Safety Code, but failure to do so can be… (drumroll) DANGEROUS not only for yourself, but also for others.” 

Improperly cleaned windows can obscure your vision and make you more likely to crash. Debris can also fly off your vehicle and strike drivers behind you, which can have serious consequences.

Aside from that, failing to clear your car can net you a fine.

“We believe that this type of fine can easily be avoided by taking a few extra minutes to clear the snow from your vehicle,” police said.

MRC des Collines police shared a photo of a car driven by a 59-year-old man from La Pêche, who was fined $111.

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