Gatineau police charge six people in pedophile hunters investigation

Six people are facing charges for allegedly taking part in a “hunt” for suspected pedophiles in Gatineau, Que. over the past few months.

Gatineau police say the tends of so-called “pedophile hunters” first emerged in the city in January, and the investigators met with one of the people involved in the movement to discuss the risks.

In a media release on Thursday, police said investigators have received a dozen complaints from residents either concerned about the situation or having been victims of an offence in connection with the actions of the group.

Officers executed five search warrants as part of an operation to collect elements for the investigation, seizing computer equipment, an improperly stored firearm and a small amount of cannabis.

Police said Thursday morning that after several weeks of investigation, officers arrested five people. A sixth person was later arrested on Thursday.

The suspects arrested are:

  • Joey Chartrand, 25 of Gatineau, Que.
  • Jessy Chartrand, 27, of Gatineau, Que.
  • Normand Philip Payant, 26, of Gatineau, Que.
  • Andre Chevalier-Robitaille, 40, of Luskville, Que.
  • Liam Georges Dupont, 24, of Gatineau

All five face charges of criminal harassment and intimidation. Joey Chartrand, Jessy Chartrand, Payant and Dupont face a charge of distribution of child pornography.

Police say Melissa Breton, 25, of Gatineau was arrested late Thursday morning, and is facing charges of criminal harassment and distribution of child pornography.

“In no case can a person take justice into their own hands, even if they are the victim of a crime, whatever it may be,” police said in a statement. “When a crime is committed, citizens must contact the police as soon as possible so that police action can be taken against the offenders.”

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