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Firefighters safely extricate child’s fingers trapped in bathroom drain in Orleans

Ottawa Fire Services says a portion of a drain system had to be removed using an electric saw after a child’s fingers got trapped in a bathroom drain Saturday morning in Orleans.

Firefighters say they received a call shortly before 11:30 a.m. reporting three of the child’s fingers – index, middle and ring – on his right hand were inserted past the first knuckle and stuck in the bathtub on the second floor of his home located in the 200 block of Rolling Meadow Crescent.

When firefighters arrived on scene, they first tried to remove the stuck fingers with soap and conditioner. However, they say the process became complex.

“The overflow drain system was removed first, followed by portions of the ABS tub drain. Firefighters successfully used a rotary tool to cut away the drain and attached tub to allow the patient to be relocated to the exterior of the home, which was a more suitable work area for the final phases,” Ottawa fire said on X.

Crews then started to slowly and cautiously make two cuts in the flange while using wooden splints and cooling water to protect the child’s hand.

The child’s fingers were successfully extricated without damage at 2:38 p.m..

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