Embattled Ottawa lawyer James Bowie has law licence suspended

An Ottawa lawyer, who earlier this month made headlines because of accusations of sexual misconduct, has had his law licence suspended following a hearing into unrelated issues with the Law Society of Ontario.

James Bowie had a hearing with the Law Society of Ontario Friday in connection with three investigations in which the Law Society says he failed to produce information and documents despite requests between December 2021 and June 2022.

The exact nature of these cases has not been disclosed.

According to documents, Bowie accepted that the affidavit established professional misconduct as alleged in the notice of application against him, and did not dispute it.

The tribunal said Bowie’s licence is to be suspended indefinitely until he responds to the request for documentation and information, and then for one additional month after the indefinite suspension ends.

Bowie must also pay the Law Society a $5,000 bill of costs within one year.

CTV News has reached out to Bowie’s legal team to request a comment.

This is unrelated to the accusations of sexual misconduct Bowie is facing, though documents show he tried and failed to have Friday’s hearing postponed because of health reasons related to recent media attention.

Bowie has been accused of offering legal services in exchange for sexual favours and he is also facing accusations of harassment, manipulation and sexual assault. It is unclear when Bowie will face a Law Society hearing into those allegations.

None of the accusations have been proven in court. 

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