COVID-19 outbreak at Providence Manor in Kingston

A COVID-19 outbreak at Providence Manor has caused added restrictions and lockdown measures in the Kingston long-term care home.

Krista Wells Pearce is the vice president of corporate support services, and says the outbreak started 11 days ago.

“Prevalence is increasing locally, we don’t have restrictions in place out in the community,” she explains. “And so COVID is still alive and well, unfortunately.”

As of Thursday, there have been 35 cases of COVID-19, including four staff members. There have been no deaths in connection with the outbreak, says Wells Pearce.

The outbreak means Margaret Cotman can’t see some of her family members.

“It’s sad. It’s heartbreaking,” Cotman says.

Cotman’s mother, aunt and uncle all live inside the long-term care home in downtown Kingston, but quarantine measures mean she can only visit her mother right now. 

“I used to go see them every day when I’d come in and see my mother,” she explains. “And I haven’t been there in a week, and I know they’re wondering, ‘Where is she?'”

Cases have been found in Sydenham 3, Sydenham 4, and Sydenham 5 sections of the home. Those specific areas are under quarantine, with visitor restrictions.

“We don’t want anyone else to get it. And so having the quarantine protocol in place is for everybody’s safety,” she explains. “And not just the people who we serve in the building, but the visitors.”

Visitors must take a rapid COVID test every time they go inside.

Family members say the virus continues to be on their minds.

“(My mother is) better here than being at home, because at least here she has some help,” says one family member who’s mother isn’t in one of the affected wings.

The restrictions will be in place while the outbreak continues. 

Cotman says she hopes they can be lifted soon. 

“The sad thing, seniors, you know they have to stay in their room. And it’s the isolation for them.”

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