City of Ottawa issues warning about parking ticket phishing scam

The city of Ottawa is warning the public about a text phishing scam regarding unpaid parking tickets, saying it does not communicate with the public about financial information through text messages.

Some people have reported receiving text messages regarding unpaid parking infractions, with texts including a website that looks like the city of Ottawa’s site.

“The City never requests or communicates financial information through text message. If you receive one of these text messages, do not reply to it and do not follow the link,” the city said in a statement.

City staff have worked with internet service providers to have the “fraudulent site taken down,” according to the city.

“It may take up to 24 hours for the site takedown to be reflected across the internet.”

Anyone who may have fallen victim to the phishing scam about unpaid parking tickets is asked to file a report with the Ottawa Police Service.

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