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Canadian North flight to Iqaluit circled Ottawa Sunday due to maintenance issue

A Canadian North flight from Ottawa that was bound for Iqaluit had to return to the tarmac in the capital Sunday afternoon after a maintenance issue was discovered.

A spokesperson for the airline said in an email to CTV News Ottawa that Flight 129 had reported a maintenance issue with one of the eginines upon takeoff Sunday morning, but it was too heavy to land right away so it needed to burn fuel before it could return to the Ottawa airport. The plane circled around the east end of the city for approximately 90 minutes.

There were 74 passengers on board, Canadian North said, and one began to experience an unspecified health issue while still in the air.

Ottawa paramedics said they attended the airport for an airplane emergency, but no one needed to be transported to hospital.

Sunday morning’s flight was cancelled. Passengers bound for Iqaluit were rebooked onto flights operating later in the day Sunday and on Monday. Iqaluit-Rankin Inlet passengers have been rebooked to Tuesday, the airline said.

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