Andrea Horwath doesn’t commit to staying on as Ontario NDP leader after her 4th election

OTTAWA — Andrea Horwath isn’t guaranteeing that she will remain as NDP leader after Thursday’s election, even if her party forms Official Opposition again.

There are two days left before the vote and polls suggest the Progressive Conservatives may be cruising to a second majority government.

Horwath has been leader of the New Democrats through four elections, and many observers expect her to step down if her party doesn’t form government this time.

In 2018, partly assisted by the collapse of the Liberal vote, the NDP nearly doubled its seat count and formed Official Opposition.

Polls also suggest that the NDP and Liberals are in a battle for second place, but that neither is sufficiently far ahead to present a challenge to the Tories.

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Liberal Leader Steven Del Duca says people want to pretend the election is over before it even started, but it’s not what he’s hearing on the campaign trail.

Elections Ontario says it has sent significantly more mail-in ballots to voters this time around.

Voting kits have been mailed out to 126,135 eligible residents who sent in requests before last week’s deadline.

That’s a sharp increase from 2018, when only 15,202 ballots were doled out that way.

Voting kits must be received by 6 p.m. on Thursday and can be mailed or dropped off at a returning office.

Others looking to cast ballots can do so at a returning office until Wednesday evening or at a voting station on Thursday.

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