Algonquin College ending COVID-19 mask mandate

Algonquin College is suspending its mandatory masking policy, but masks will still be required for convocation ceremonies this year.

Masks will no longer be required on campus effective June 1, college president Claude Brulé said in a note to staff and students on Monday.

The decision comes “after careful consideration of the data from local public health officials, including steadily decreasing wastewater metrics,” he said.

Masking will still be required for programs where regulatory bodies require it, such as massage therapy.

“Additionally, masking will remain mandatory for all those attending our convocation ceremonies in-person, in June.”

The University of Ottawa’s mask policy is set to end on Tuesday. Carleton University’s is remaining in place until further notice.

Brulé said although masks are no longer mandated, staff and students are still encouraged to wear them, especially in situations where physical distancing is a challenge.

“It is understandable that there will be different levels of comfort in returning to a non-masked environment among our college community. We ask that everyone respect our colleagues’ and classmates’ individual choice.”

He also said the college could reverse its decision at any time given the unpredictable nature of the pandemic.

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