Advance voting for Cumberland Byelection scheduled for Monday and Tuesday

OTTAWA — Voters in Cumberland can head to the polls Monday and Tuesday to cast a ballot ahead of the municipal byelection in the east-end ward.

The City of Ottawa has scheduled two advance voting days for the byelection in Cumberland. Voters can cast their ballots in advance polls between 10 a.m. and 8 p.m. Monday and Tuesday.

The city says voting places will offer “anywhere voting,” meaning that electors can vote at any voting place regardless of their address. Voters can cast a ballot at any of the following locations on the advance voting days:

  • Bearbrook Community Hall, 8720 Russell Road
  • Carlsbad Springs Community Centre, 6020 Piperville Road
  • François Dupuis Recreation Centre, 2263 Portobello Boulevard
  • Navan Memorial Centre, 1295 Colonial Road
  • Redeemer Alliance Church, 4825 Innes Road
  • R.J. Kennedy Arena and Community Hall,1115 Dunning Road
  • Sarsfield Community Hall, 3585 Sarsfield Road
  • South Fallingbrook Community Centre, 998 Valin Street

Voting day for the Cumberland byelection is scheduled for Monday, Oct. 5.

The City of Ottawa says voting places are listed on the Voter Notification letters and can also be found on

Eligible electors should bring an acceptable piece of identification with their name and qualifying Ottawa address when they vote.

The Cumberland byelection was called after Stephen Blais resigned his seat as Councillor for Cumberland.

There are 10 candidates running for the vacant seat:

  • Yvette Ashiri
  • Jensen Boire
  • A. Bruce Faulkner
  • Lyse-Pascale Inamuco
  • Catherine Kitts
  • Denis Labreche
  • Craig MacAulay
  • Mark Scharfe
  • Patrick Uguccioni
  • Henry Valois

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