Here are all the people running for the May 16 N.L. election

Nominations have officially closed and the candidates seeking a seat in the House of Assembly in St. John’s are confirmed. 

The Liberals have a full slate of 40, with all sitting MHAs seeking re-election. Former Liberal cabinet minister, then Independent, Dale Kirby is noticeably not seeking re-election as an Independent.

As for the Progressive Conservative Party, it has 39 candidates — only Waterford Valley does not have someone from that party in the running. The PC campaign said a “personal issue” with the expected candidate in Waterford Valley, came up at the “11th hour” so the candidate withdrew, and there was not enough time to replace his name on the ballot.

There are 14 people running for the New Democratic Party and nine for the recently established NL Alliance.

A total of nine people are running as Independents.

There are 16 two-way races. 

Below is a list of each district and the candidates that have been nominated for each party. 

Baie Verte – Green Bay

  • Liberal: Brian Warr — Incumbent
  • NL Alliance: Ben Callahan
  • PC: Neville Robinson


  • Liberal: Neil King — Incumbent
  • PC: Craig Pardy

Burgeo – La Poile

  • Liberal: Andrew Parsons — Incumbent
  • PC: Deborah Ann Turner

The entire Liberal caucus is seeking re-election. (CBC)

Burin – Grand Bank

  • Liberal: Carol Anne Haley — Incumbent 
  • PC: Bill Matthews

Cape St. Francis

  • Liberal: Michael Duffy 
  • NDP: Peter Beck
  • NL Alliance: Ryan Lane 
  • PC: Kevin Parsons — Incumbent

Carbonear – Trinity – Bay de Verde

  • Independent: Edward Thomas Cole
  • Liberal: Steve Crocker — Incumbent
  • NDP: Kathleen E. Burt 
  • PC: Jason Oliver

Cartwright – L’Anse au Clair

  • Liberal: Lisa Dempster — Incumbent
  • PC: Michael Normore

Conception Bay East – Bell Island

  • Liberal: Cyril Hayden 
  • PC: David Brazil — Incumbent

Conception Bay South

  • Liberal: Kevin Baker
  • NL Alliance: Warrick Butler
  • PC: Barry Petten — Incumbent

Corner Brook

  • Independent: Wayne Bennett
  • Liberal: Gerry Byrne — Incumbent
  • NDP: Mary B. Feltham
  • PC: Tom Stewart


  • Independent: Gloria Cooper
  • Liberal: Jerry Dean — Incumbent
  • PC: Pleaman Forsey

The Newfoundland and Labrador NDP has 14 candidates in place, including (left to right) Brenda Walsh, Jim Dinn, Jenn Deon and Jordan Brown. (NL NDP)


  • Independent: Chris Molloy
  • Liberal: Janice Ryan
  • PC: Loyola O’Driscoll

Fogo Island – Cape Freels

  • Liberal: Derrick Bragg — Incumbent
  • PC: Sue Collins

Fortune Bay – Cape La Hune

  • Liberal: Elvis Loveless
  • PC: Charlene Walsh


  • Liberal: John Haggie — Incumbent
  • PC: Ryan Wagg

Grand Falls-Windsor – Buchans

  • Liberal: Al Hawkins — Incumbent
  • PC: Chris Tibbs

Harbour Grace – Port de Grave

  • Liberal: Pam Parsons — Incumbent
  • PC: Glenn Littlejohn

Harbour Main

  • Liberal: Betty Parsley — Incumbent
  • NL Alliance: Mike Cooze
  • PC: Helen Conway Ottenheimer

Humber – Bay of Islands

  • Independent: Eddie Joyce — Incumbent
  • Liberal: Brian Dicks 
  • NDP: Shawn A. Hodder
  • PC: Michael Holden

Humber – Gros Morne

  • Liberal: Dwight Ball — Incumbent
  • PC: Greg Osmond

Labrador West

  • Liberal: Graham Letto — Incumbent
  • NDP: Jordan Brown
  • PC: Derick Sharron

Lake Melville

  • Independent: Jim Learning
  • Liberal: Perry Trimper — Incumbent
  • PC: Shannon Tobin

Lewisporte – Twillingate

  • Liberal: Derek Bennett — Incumbent
  • PC: Krista Freake

Longtime politicians Eddie Joyce and Paul Lane both plan to run as Independents in the upcoming provincial election. (CBC)

Mount Pearl North 

  • Liberal: Nicole Kieley
  • NL Alliance: William Neville 
  • PC: Jim Lester — Incumbent

Mount Pearl – Southlands

  • Independent: Paul Lane — Incumbent
  • Liberal: HasanHai 
  • NDP: David Brake
  • PC: Gillian Pearson

Mount Scio

  • Liberal: Sarah Stoodley
  • NDP: Jason Mercer
  • NL Alliance: Graydon Pelley
  • PC: Lloyd Power

Placentia – St. Mary’s

  • Independent: Steve Thorne
  • Liberal: Sherry Gambin-Walsh — Incumbent
  • PC: Hilda Whelan

Placentia West – Bellevue

  • Liberal: Mark Browne — Incumbent
  • PC: Jeff Dwyer

St. Barbe – L’Anse aux Meadows

  • Independent: Ford Mitchelmore
  • Liberal: Christopher Mitchelmore — Incumbent
  • PC: Sheila Fitzgerald

St. George’s – Humber

  • Liberal: Scott Reid — Incumbent
  • NL Alliance: Shane Snook
  • PC: Tom O’Brien

St. John’s Centre 

  • Liberal: Seamus O’Keefe
  • NDP: Jim Dinn
  • PC: Jonathan Galgay

St. John’s East – Quidi Vidi 

  • Liberal: George Murphy
  • NDP: Alison Coffin 
  • PC: David Porter

St. John’s West

  • Liberal: Siobhan Coady — Incumbent
  • PC: Shane Skinner
  • NDP: Brenda Walsh

Stephenville – Port au Port

  • Liberal: John Finn — Incumbent
  • PC: Tony Wakeham

Terra Nova

  • Liberal: Colin Holloway — Incumbent
  • NL Alliance: Barry Moores
  • PC: Lloyd Parrott

Topsail – Paradise

  • Liberal: Patricia Hynes-Coates
  • NL Alliance: Lori Best-Moore
  • PC: Paul Dinn — Incumbent

Torngat Mountains

  • Liberal: Randy Edmunds — Incumbent
  • PC: Lela Evans

Virginia Waters – Pleasantville 

  • Liberal: Bernard Davis — Incumbent
  • NDP: Jenn Deon
  • PC: Beth Crosbie

Siblings Beth and Ches Crosbie are both vying for seats in St. John’s in the 50th election in Newfoundland and Labrador. (Facebook)

Waterford Valley 

  • Liberal: Tom Osborne — Incumbent
  • NDP: Matthew Cooper

Windsor Lake

  • Liberal: Bob Osborne
  • NDP: Tomas Shea
  • PC: Ches Crosbie — Incumbent 

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