Pointe-Claire police station launches online survey on public safety

Montreal police Station 5 in Pointe-Claire has launched an online survey to find out how residents in the city feel about public safety.

Police say they want to improve service in the area.

There are residents who think the city is mostly safe and they have very few concerns.

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“Security-wise and everything I’ve never had any real issues that I can speak of,” resident James Hachey told Global News outside the local arena. “Generally speaking, I think things are pretty good.”

Still, some point out that there could be improvements. One area of worry is how people drive — particularly in school and residential areas.

“People are always busy and I guess speeding to go to their houses,” said resident Fanny Robichaud. “They forget that there are some little kids around. This, for me, is my major concern.”

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Hachey agrees. He added that despite feeling safe, he thinks more police surveillance could help to discourage wrongdoing.

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“Maybe more cruisers going around at certain times, especially in the summertime, nighttime and stuff like that,” he said.

According to the Pointe-Claire website, the survey is being done to address concerns residents have. Questions ask whether people have any concerns about their neighbourhood, if there are unsafe parks or if people are afraid to go out alone at night.  There’s also a question about people’s impression of road safety in their area.

The survey ends March 15 but people can also email the police directly with any concerns or suggestions they might have.

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