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What you need to know about incoming changes to Edmonton public parking

The City of Edmonton is launching a new system it says will make paying for parking “simpler and faster.”

On April 29, parking management in Edmonton will be taken over by HotSpot Parking and a new app will launch a few weeks later. 

Unlike the current MyEPark app, HotSpot won’t require a minimum balance, allowing drivers to pay as they go.

Other features the city said will improve the parking experience include digital permits (removing the need for physical hang tags) and improved self-serve options.

“There will be much more improved notifications within there as reminders to stop and your parking sessions, to be able to update to be able to see a map of all the different parking that’s available,” Jenny Albers, from the City of Edmonton, said.

The city said EPark pay machines will remain and will continue to accept credit cards or cash, while the new HotSpot mobile system will take payments through an app or by scanning a QR code on a pay machine.

The transition to the new system starts April 29 and is expected to be complete by May 15.

“Hotspot will take over payment services on April 29 and will launch the App on May 15; this is because it takes time to transfer accounts over to the new system,” the city said.

The auto load up feature for MyEPark has been disabled, the city said, and anyone with a balance of $25 or more in their account will have their balance transferred to the new system between April 29 and May 15. 

During that time, those funds will not be available and the city said drivers will have to pay as they go through the other available methods. 

Account holders with less than $25 remaining will have to request a refund online, which can be done now or after the transition is complete.

“Anyone who is transitioning will receive an email from HotSpot prompting them to reset their password and set up an account so they’re ready to go for May 15,” Albers said.

To request a refund, visit the City of Edmonton website

The city said there will be no extra costs associated with operating the new system.

“HotSpot’s also going to be providing 24/7 support to customers, so they’ll be able to feel supported throughout the transition and throughout when they’re using the app or fast tap payment option as well,” Albers said.

HotSpot, owned by international design company Arcadis, is used by around 150 cities, mostly in Canada. 

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