‘We want heat’: West Edmonton apartment residents without heat demand answers amid extreme cold

While it may be freezing outside, people living in a west Edmonton apartment say it’s also unbearably cold in their building.

CTV News Edmonton spoke with seven tenants at Gill Village Apartments Thursday, who all say there’s little to no heat coming to their units.

One tenant, who did not want to be identified for fear of backlash, said he moved to a nearby hotel due to what they describe as “unlivable conditions.”

Chris Lorenz and his family moved into the new building in June after it first opened.

“We thought with a newer building, it would be great,” he said. “It’s a nice building. We were happy moving in.”

At the start of the week, Lorenz says he first noticed his thermostat was completely off, with a temperature reading of 14 C.

After sending complaints to the management company, Lorenz says he has got nothing but the “run around.”

“They’ve come in with space heaters, which don’t support [us]. They keep blowing the breakers,” Lorenz added. “We have no heat at all. Our pipes have blown. They’ve come in here, put a little insulation around the pipes and they burst the very next day.”

He described how his family has been unable to use the kitchen sink since the pipes have been frozen solid for the past three days.

“I stayed home with my kids today [from work] just making sure they stay warm,” Lorenz said.

According to Alberta Health Services, when the outdoor temperature is -32 C or below, indoor temperatures “must” be at least 16 C.

The building manager at Gill Village refused to do an interview with CTV News Edmonton or answer any emailed questions but asked the story not be published.

“We are putting our best foot forward to ensure that heaters are being provided or individuals are reimbursed where they have purchased their own,” that email reads.

“Many buildings in the city are dealing with extreme circumstances due to the extreme weather conditions,” the company added. “There is really nothing to base your story off of.”

Gill Village claimed it was following guidelines set by national and provincial building codes and is “constantly” in contact with tenants.

On Tuesday, the company sent an email to tenants promising electricity costs will be covered in the meantime.

A copy of the email Gill Village Apartments sent to residents on Tuesday (CTV News Edmonton).

Lorenz wants answers to why the building’s heat is not working and what steps are being taken to address the situation.

“We want heat,” he said. “Management definitely needs to step up.”

With Christmas around the corner, Lorenz said his family is reconsidering how it will celebrate the holidays with a cold home.

“We can’t have company over,” he said. “This is your home. This is your life. You expect a little bit more out of them [the property managers].” 

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